Wedding is one of the most important occasions for all. When we talk about Indian marriages, the customs differ based on religion, culture, and state. Keeping aside these factors another most important part that requires special attention and effort is to select the perfect wedding outfit. Particularly for many women the wedding saree worn on such an auspicious day will always stay as a cherished memory. Many brides prefer their wedding saree to be a duo of tradition and fashion. Even though the silk sarees are famous for its royal charm and gracefulness, brides today have the option to try out other fabrics that are available in the market as per the latest trend. In India, the style, color and fabric of the wedding sarees vary from region to region.

The Gharchola is an ethnic Gujarati’s and Jain’s wedding saree. The materials used are cotton and silk. In these sarees, tie and dye method is incorporated and the most preferred shades are red that has gold woven strips of zari over a network of checks being multiples of 9, 12 and 52. The motifs used are mostly small peacocks or lotus.

The Saptakar is a wedding saree of Orissa which is normally in Tussar silk. It is designed in checkerboard style with white, red and black shades. The saptakar is also the name of a board game which is played by the bride and groom after their marriage.

Pochampally Sarees has are from Andhra Pradesh and are known for their Ikhnaton design, which is tie & die art. The material used for these sarees is a combination of silk and cotton. Red and black are the commonly used dye colours.

The classic wedding sarees from Kerala are the Nayanampets and the Bavanjipets that normally has golden border on cream base.

The Banarasi sarees are very popular type of wedding sarees designed at Varanasi. This is one of the most preferred wedding saree in India having gold and silver brocade woven on finest quality of silk. These sarees have mughal inspired designs done on it.

Kancheevaram Sarees from Kanchipuram in TamilNadu are famous among Indians all over the globe. These sarees have delicately woven silk and are designed with elaborate work patterns, and because of these engravings, these sarees are relatively heavy, durable and more expensive.
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